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Coffee, as experienced by who



Probably the largest draw to coffee. The caffeine high feels great, like you just scored a goal in a soccer game. It kind of puts you “in the zone.”

Unfortunately, the buzz comes with costs.

Crash – I limit my coffee drinking to avoid a “crash,” or a feeling of disorientation and sluggishness.
Headache – After a day without coffee, I feel a dull headache for about an hour.
Poop – Caffeine is a “diuretic,” which means it gives you diarrhea. Coffee drinkers acquire a tolerance to the diuretic effect, but going off coffee can affect your bowels.

To mediate these costs, I try to drink about a half a mug of coffee in the morning, and no more than 2 mugs a day. Also, I try to avoid drinking coffee in the afternoon or evening, as it keeps me up at night. Seems like a lot of negatives, doesn’t it? Well, kind of. Except that it feels awesome to drink coffee and feel stimulated all day.



Such a distinct flavor. To me, coffee tastes nutty and smoky. The flavor of black coffee is usually too bitter for me. Rather, I prefer to mix half coffee with half milk. Alternatively, if I don’t have milk or cream, I start with black coffee and add a lot of sugar. The sugar softens the coffee’s bitter taste, so I can continue to enjoy the warmth and caffeine.

If you dig my post, you may also enjoy this comic about The 5 Phases of Caffeine Intake.


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  1. Oh man, I love coffee. I call it “personality in a cup”. While I drink obscene amounts of coffee at times, I try to limit myself on days where I know I might be nervous or anxious. Otherwise I feel like I’m going to crawl out of my skin! :O

    • Ha ha ha, “personality in a cup.” I guess that being “awake” just makes it easier to talk with people?

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